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Adam Juda

12 Jan 2018
pricing, product management
West Palm Beach, FL, United States of America
I have run a company focused on software product management with an emphasis on price engineering. Not sure about your feature set? Having trouble figuring out how to express the value your software offers? Contact me!

Jay Gervais

29 Dec 2017
Java, Guice, Spring, Aws, SOA
Toronto, Canada
Currently an Amazon engineer who enjoys mentoring.

Rahul Jain

27 Dec 2017
Career advice, Programming craftsmanship, Leadership
Berlin, Germany
I have 18 years of work experience in the tech industry. I have been actively mentoring junior programmers for last few years and find it a very rewarding activity.

Navaneedhan Ravichandran

20 Dec 2017
Basic Data Structures, Web technologies
Salem, India
I have 3 years experience in web technologies (perl, ruby, javascripts, jQuery, html, css) also worked on different databases (MySQL, Oracle etc)

Alexandre Fournier

20 Dec 2017
Angular 2+, Ionic, Javascript ES6+, Typescript, OOP, design
Montreal, Canada
Full-stack web developer and design enthusiast!

Eric Faehnrich

07 Oct 2017
C, embedded programming
Cleveland OH, or remote, United States of America
been doing this professionally for over a decade

Mukunda Madhava Nath

25 Sep 2017
Mechanical Engineering, Finite Element Analysis
Bangalore, Remote, India

Stefan Izdrail

25 Sep 2017
Laravel, AngularJS, PHP, Codeigniter
Munchen, Germany
I am a freelance web developer located in Munich available for freelance work in software development companies and web development agencies. I offer mentorship

Shebin Joseph

20 Sep 2017
Programming, Cloud Engineer
Bangalore, India

Samuel Chase

20 Sep 2017
Programming, Clojure, APIs, Web Apps
Pune, India
Working as a software engineer with 3 years of experience. Available to mentor anyone wanting to improve their programming skills.

Rodolfo Torres Jaime

20 Sep 2017
Kivy, Python, Google App Engine
remote, United States of America
I love making desktop and mobile apps using Kivy and Python. Let me know if I can help you out with Kivy or Google App Engine

Paul Houle

20 Sep 2017
Data Modeling, Semantics, NLP, RDF, Graph Databases, Document Databases, Software Management, Python/Jupyter
Ithaca, NY (Remote), United States of America
Let's have a quick talk to get the scope of your problem and then put together a plan to solve it.

Lansana Camara

20 Sep 2017
Software Development (front end ui/ux, back end, database)
Maryland, United States of America
I've built many open source libraries and other end-to-end solutions in technologies like Go, PHP (Laravel), JavaScript (ES5, ES6, TypeScript, AngularJS, Angular 2, React), MySQL, AWS, Bash, Docker. View submission

David Girardo

20 Sep 2017
Cambridge, United States of America
A former scientist turned Haskell consultant. In 6 years of industry Haskell experience working with startups, large companies, and government agencies, I've built HPC distributed compute servers, cryptographically secure databases, compilers, and full-stack applications. Interested helping teams transition their product to Haskell, architect new projects in Haskell, or help aspiring Haskell engineers find a job in industry.

Brian Chappell

10 Sep 2017
SEO, UX, Data Journalism, Team Building and MGMT
Raleigh, NC / remote, United States of America
I have been building online businesses for over 10 years and have created several exits to date. I am a technical marketer by trade with experience managing and leading development/creative teams, having grown and sold a digital marketing agency along the way. I consult for a select few and grow my portfolio businesses. Love talking with folks and helping them navigate the sea of BS that surrounds the SEO industry.


10 Sep 2017
Security, infosec, pentest, app security, code review, infrastructure security, vulnerability management
Oxford, United Kingdom
Will be happy to take anyone through the security related topics and help to find yourself in that area.

Nick L

01 Sep 2017
Deep Learning
Boston, United States of America
Founded + lectured MIT's deep learning course (6.S191), contributing writer to O'Reilly's Fundamentals of Deep Learning book, deep learning consultant for Fortune 500. Down to chat about and give advice about anything in the machine and deep learning space! Interested to hear what you're working on! :)


01 Sep 2017
Programming, Architect, DevOps, Automation
Bangalore, India
I am a developer and architect, I do end to end planning and execution for all types of software (server/desktop). It's fun. I like designing systems and bringing them to life. I can help you with backend/database/deployment/devops/architecture/future planning. my github:

TR Jordan

01 Sep 2017
Marketing (especially for technical B2B products)
San Francisco, United States of America
I used to be a developer, now I do sales and marketing. It's fun. I like talking to people who are thinking about making the switch, or people who have found themselves trying to sell/market a technical product.

Weston J

01 Sep 2017
Leadership and Management
Los Angeles, United States of America
For full disclosure, I am founder of a venture backed startup (eagerlabs) that does this as part of a product offering for companies. I also do mentoring on the side in LA, Boston, and really anywhere in the world, in a less formal manner, including in areas such as high scale web development, ops and automation, and more. I love to continuously give back to our community, so please don't hesitate to reach out.

Laszlo K

01 Sep 2017
Scientific software development (mostly biomedical), Telecommunication software development, Computer science
Budapest, Hungary
Scientific software development (mostly biomedical), Telecommunication software development, Computer science / Budapest, Hungary / Laszlo K / kocsis1977 gmail Details can be found here:

Amit Gupta

01 Sep 2017
Software consulting
Los Angeles, United States of America
I've been developing software for more than 15 years. I have worked with big and small companies. Specialize in taking a project from idea to completion. Over the years, I have learned a thing or two about talking to the clients, helping them understand their requirements and a solution that would work best for them. Happy client is the key to repeat work. Let me know if I can be of any help. reply


01 Sep 2017
Systems Dev, Embedded Dev, DevOps
Columbus, Ohio, United States of America
I've been a developer, system administrator, co-founder, and everything in between. I have links to my GitHub and LinkedIn accounts in my profile. Here's what I've been working on lately:

Jose B

01 Sep 2017
Product Design, UX/UI Design, Customer Empathy, Design Thinking
Silicon Valley, United States of America
17 years of experience in startups (including my own) and big companies Happy to give feedback and help.


01 Sep 2017
Backend development, DevOps and Infrastructure, Startups
Singapore, Singapore
Spent the nearly the last decade building startups (mostly backend/infra work, but some front-end as well). Happy to share about startup life in general, or chat about tech issues for smaller teams.

Fabian B

01 Sep 2017
Backend Development
Zurich, Switzerland
I have actually never been mentoring anybody but would really love to. I have been writing web applications for the past 10 years, both professionally and as a hobby. Lately been digging into machine learning.


01 Sep 2017
Software Defined Radio
Boston, United States of America
I program radios professionally and I've taught several short courses on SDR. If there's anyone in my area who's interested let me know.


01 Sep 2017
Web development (HTML, CSS, JS, Back-end (Ruby, Python and Elixir))
Boston, United States of America
I'm an engineering manager by trade and my portfolio can be found here: Mentoring and coaching people has turned out to be one of my most rewarding activities at work, and I want to extend that to the greater community. People who are willing to work hard, stretch themselves, and have a desire to grow are people I love to work with and generally have the most success with. Looking forward to working with you!

Charly Román

01 Sep 2017
Backend Development, DevOps
México City, Mexico
Currently Software Developer and DevOps consultant, 7 years of experience :)

Alain R

01 Sep 2017
Deep Learning
London, United Kingdom

Vesna P.

01 Sep 2017
UX/UI Design, Product Design, UX Research
San Francisco, United States of America
Won The best design award at 2014 Launch festival with Startups I worked with went through YC, 500Startups, Techstars accelerators. 10+ years of experience. Need somebody to review design or any other help? Ping me.

Jonathan Holloway

01 Sep 2017
Leadership, Software Teams and CTO Related Services
London, United Kingdom
Interim CTO and software management. Mentoring for software teams and engineering management. Hiring, growth. Interested in helping companies from startups to mid size : )

Hristo Hristov

01 Sep 2017
Utrecht, Netherlands
.NET | Utrecht, Netherlands | [email protected] Hey, I'm doing regular mentoring and have a few clients and looking to expand!

Jon W

01 Sep 2017
Early stage tech/marketing
San Francisco, United States of America
Have done tech/product at three startups now. The last now at Series C. Moved into marketing/sales side last 3 years.

Jimmy Cuadra

01 Sep 2017
San Francisco, United States of America


01 Sep 2017
Real Estate
Orange County, United States of America


01 Sep 2017
Turkey, Turkey

Pek Pongpaet

01 Sep 2017
Product, Design
SF Bay Area, United States of America


01 Sep 2017
Javascript, Python, Scheme
Paris, France


01 Sep 2017
Project Management
San Jose, United States of America

Emmanuel M. Smith

10 Aug 2017
Deep Learning, Interpretability, Python
Bristol, United Kingdom
Second year PhD researcher working on the interpretability of Deep Learning models (such as LSTMs). Enjoys discussing anything even vaguely related to computation, philosophy, and human psychology.

Mashhood Rastgar

10 Aug 2017
Javascript, Angular, NodeJS
Karachi, Remote, Pakistan
I am a technical lead and partner at a Javascript consultancy based in Karachi. Active community member and ready to help out people locally and abroad.

Arpan D

10 Aug 2017
Swift, iOS, Android
remote, United States of America
I am a self-taught mobile developer. Developed 20+ mobile apps, ask me anything related to apps & mobile programming.

Vasili Sviridov

10 Jul 2017
JavaScript, React, Redux, CS Topics in general
Vancouver, BC, Canada
I've been mentoring in a bootcamp for 3 years, so I'm used to complete beginners.

Vishal Sancheti

10 Jul 2017
Remote, United States of America
I am a friendly buddy who is the right choice to learn easily the hard stuff. Self-taught and well-experienced and working with EYUVA since 2015 also Freelancing on since 2013. Drop a message and lets get started.

Camero Barker

10 Jul 2017
New York City, United States of America
I've worked with Ruby and Rails for the past 4 years.

Larry McVoy

10 Jul 2017
C, Unix kernel programming (BSD)
Los Gatos, CA, United States of America
I thought I was retired but I'm being dragged back into hacking the FreeBSD kernel. I was mentored at Sun, I guess it's my turn to give back.

Jeremy Daughhetee

10 Jul 2017
.Net - C# - Xamarin - Javascript
Reno, NV, United States of America
.Net dev professionally for 6 years. Xamarin development for about a year. I've also dabbled in Golang.

Pramod L

10 Jul 2017
Python, JavaScript
Remote, United States of America
I've been working on edtech for 4 years. See my website for more information!


10 Jul 2017
Database, Oracle Application server, R , Statistics
Bhopal, India
Implementing Technology projects for government of India


10 Jul 2017
remote, United States of America
I teach Python

Joran Bigalet

10 Jul 2017
Non photorealistic rendering
Paris, France
NPR researcher at 12-10e, working on Shady Part of Me, a game rendered using temporal and motion coherent hatching.

Paul Kofmann

10 Jul 2017
Android, Javascript, PHP, Security
Worms, Germany
Coding since my childhood. Tried many different IT-things. Self-learner eager to share views, tips, and ideas. co-founder

Jordan L McQueen

10 Jul 2017
Python, Java, Object-oriented design, cloud, aws, system design
Seattle, WA, United States of America
Software engineer with experience as and engineer and mentor at AWS, taught as a TA, many 1:1 mentoring and tutoring experiences. Experience with big data and distributed system design.

Ruby Childs

10 Jul 2017
python, data science
London, United Kingdom
Can help those transitioning into data science or wanting to move into freelance. Worked as a freelance data scientist in small startups and large corporates, such as Amnesty International,, BAE and NowTV. Also happy to discuss all things art, design and textiles!

Eric Rafaloff

10 Jul 2017
Security, Penetration Testing, Ruby, Go
NYC, United States of America
I'm a security engineer interested in mentoring those looking to get into infosec. Also happy to offer mentoring around writing software (especially in Ruby and Go). Feel free to find my contact info on my blog.

Adnan Siddiqi

10 Jul 2017
Web Scraping in Python, Laravel, PHP
Remote, United States of America
A freelance developer and consultant been developing for more than 10 years.

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